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Georgia Aquarium

Marineland Dolphin Adventure Welcomes New Calf

Facility continues successful dolphin breeding program with growth of third generation

St. Augustine, FL (October 19, 2011) – Marineland Dolphin Adventure, an affiliate of Georgia Aquarium, is pleased to announce the birth of an Atlantic bottlenose dolphin calf. The Marineland family welcomed the newest addition to the facility on Sept. 5 at 11:45 p.m.

The mother, Dazzle, and the calf can be seen swimming in various areas within the facility’s main exhibits. Animal care specialists from Marineland and Georgia Aquarium continue to monitor Dazzle and the baby. All current data indicates that the calf remains in excellent health, and the team remains optimistic regarding the animal’s development.

Dazzle was born at Marineland on April 7, 1989 to mother Betty. Dazzle is also the mother of daughter Casique, 9, and son Tomo, 3. All three generations of dolphins can be seen at Marineland Dolphin Adventure.

Dazzle’s newest addition to the family is proof that the world’s longest successful dolphin breeding program in human care is still going strong. Marineland was the first facility in the world to successfully breed Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. This first birth took place on February 26, 1947, when the facility was known as Marine Studios.

“The aquarium and zoo community has invested millions of dollars and resources on important research that has significantly contributed to what is known about marine mammal marine health care, physiology, cognition and reproductive biology,” said Billy Hurley, chief zoological officer and senior vice president of zoological operations, Marineland Dolphin Adventure and Georgia Aquarium. “As leaders in marine mammal animal care, conservation and research, we are very proud to welcome this new calf to our family at Marineland. This birth serves as yet another testament to the world-class care and successful reproductive programs our team and our community have accomplished over the years.”

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About Marineland Dolphin Adventure
Marineland’s original steel oceanariums were the first structures of their type in the world and were built to house and display multiple species of marine life, replicating the variety of life to be found off the coast of northeast Florida. Marineland continues its tradition of creating state of the art facilities with Marineland Dolphin Adventure. Today’s guests are able to interact with dolphins from around and within their habitat, even swimming with the animals. Efforts in the disciplines of education and research are shared, as guests view educational signage placed throughout the facility or are introduced to the animals via interactive encounters. In both cases the plights and challenges facing wild dolphins are key messages conveyed to inspire the general public to become informed and active in the conservation of marine animals and their natural environments. In 2011, Marineland Dolphin Adventure became an affiliate of Georgia Aquarium. For additional information, visit