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New Leopard Whiprays Arrive at the Georgia Aquarium

Largest collection of leopard whiprays in the United States

Atlanta (December 6, 2007) – Georgia Aquarium introduced four new leopard whiprays into the Ocean Voyager exhibit on Thursday, Dec. 6, 2007. The introduction gives the Georgia Aquarium the largest collection of leopard whiprays in the United States. Few rays sport such a striking pattern as the leopard whipray. The entire upper surface, including half of the tail, is covered in a pattern of circular brown to black rings resembling a leopard’s fur. Its tail tapers to a fine point, like a whip, giving an elegant bearing to this unique ray. The leopard whiprays introduced are males, ranging in total length (including tail) from 4.5 feet to 8.3 feet; ranging in disk width from 2.7 feet to 2.5 feet; and ranging in weight from 33 pounds to 67 pounds. They were collected offshore of Penghu, an island group on the west coast of Taiwan.

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