Can we bring our own food?

Outside food is not allowed in the Aquarium but you are welcome to enjoy our Cafe Aquaria options inside. The Cafe Aquaria Combo is available for advance purchase. All food purchases including Cafe Aquaria Combo must be enjoyed either before or after the party in the cafe seating area. Food can not be delivered to the party room. Guest Programs (facilitators) will set aside seating for party upon request.

Is there a limit to the number of guests we can invite?

All parties are designed for at least 15 people. Each party area can hold up to 50 people. Parties of 25 or more may be booked based on availability of room space.

What type of games will you provide?

We have various games that match the theme of each party as well as typical children's games. Choice of games we play will depend on the amount of time available.

Can I have extra time in the room if needed?

The rooms are booked for set times to allow time to clean for the next event or activity, therefore you can only book the room for the set time. If you would like a longer or larger party, you can book two time slots.

Will the cake be decorated with theme of the party?

Yes, the cake and room will be decorated with the theme of the party. The cake will also include the child's name.

How can I find out about parties for teens and adults?

We have a party program for all ages. Parties include admission, birthday cake and a tour of some of the spectacular behind-the-scenes areas. We can host showers, reunions and more. Please contact 404-581-4121 for more information.

Is the tour through the Aquarium a guided tour?

During the party, there is a behind-the-scenes tour that takes you to the top of several galleries for children ages 5 and older. Children under 5 must each be accompanied by an adult to participate in the tour. Tour schedule may be adjusted to accommodate children under 5. The admission into the Aquarium is at your leisure before or after the party and is not a guided tour.

Is the gift card for the Aquarium or can it be used anywhere?

The gift card is for use inside the Aquarium and can be used at any location in the Aquarium, including the gift shops and Cafe Aquaria.

Is it possible for a diver to hold up a happy birthday sign for my child in one of the galleries?

This is available at an extra cost.

What is in the gift bag?

It contains an assortment of items that tie into the theme of the party. Items may include bubbles, stickers, water gun, and other toys.

Is there a ratio between adults to children?

There is a minimum of 2 adults per 15 person party; After that, 1 adult per 10 children.

Some members of the party have annual passes. Do I get a discount on the party I'm booking because they're members?

Unfortunately, the annual pass discount available on birthday parties only applies if the person booking the party is an annual passholder. No other discounts apply.